Who and what is a Hyper Ugly?

Beauty is subjective and character is forever.

Enter HyperUgly - the ultimate form of self-expression with threads that combine style, technology, and a healthy dose of gonzo.

HyperUgly Adversarial street wear is the perfect combination of form and function. Our threads are infused with fantastical colors and mandalas that will make you *virtually invisible to the eyes in the sky. Certain designs are more effective than others but are they 100% effective?

Well, is anything in life?


This venture is ultimately geared toward altruism and at HyperUgly we say if you're in a position to help, do so. For 2023 1% of our profits will donated to Habitat for Humanity.

- The Team @ HU


Our designer, Jurgen Kras is ready to share his fever dreams with the you. Little is known of this bacon wrapped enigma, but one thing's for sure, his stream-of-thought designs will leave you shook. He the shares the motto of Dr. Suess, "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells."

'The last thing anyone wants is to be forgettable.'

 -  Jurgen Kras




* Please know that HyperUgly does not condone, promote or encourage this garments being used in any form other that for entertainment purposes.