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Le Trend Ugly Chic Version Gen Z

We are in 1996 when Miuccia Prada introduces the world to Ugly Chic by declaring: "The ugly is attractive, it is exciting. Perhaps because it is more unusual". 26 years later, generation Z (generation of trendsetters) confirms this statement and appropriates the Ugly Chic trend without the slightest difficulty! It goes without saying that the definition and specifics of the trend have evolved since the days of Muccia, hence the question: what is Ugly Chic today and why do Gen Z like it? have such a "tacky" look? We found the answer with the help of members of this generation that never ceases to amaze.

First of all, it is an obvious consequence of the great virus! Like the rest of our lives, fashion has been turned upside down, resulting in a lot of creative experimentation and the abolition of many, if not all, of the rules of the industry! More importantly, we learned to listen to ourselves and prioritize our self-worth over the opinions of others. This is the heart of the trend: individuality. Lohane and Aura, Gen Z fashion students, tell us: "The trend works because people are taking back control of their style. They need originality and uniqueness. Since there is no line guideline for this trend, the possibilities are endless in terms of silhouettes and style!".

So how do you put together an Ugly Chic wardrobe? It is very simple. Just raid physical and online thrift stores and look for items that would give Miranda Priestly an attack. Wearing a trucker hat, low skirts and flashy jeans are a must and everything should be either too short or too long! Pieces that don't make sense at first glance with out of place details and layers of different fabrics in all sorts of prints are also key elements here. In terms of accessories, depending on your personal style, you can go from pearl necklaces to chains. You'll also want to buy as many leg warmers and arm warmers as possible! You wonder why ? Firstly because it's one of the five least fashionable accessories (we checked) but above all because it's a versatile accessory that you can easily transform into a bralette or a bandeau! Oh and it finally happened! It is now acceptable to wear a skirt over pants again! As to why Gen Z would want to look so "bad," we came up with a few theories, but ultimately figured asking them directly was the best bet. Maya, Talent Coordinator for Acne Studios, tells us, "I feel like there's always going to be a group of people who turn away from 'clean'. The trend has always been there in reality, whether it's through y2k emo/goths or grunge rock'n'roll! People really hated this "clean girl" trend that was going around because it was problematic on so many levels but also because it was just boring for some people". It's just ! We are speaking to the generation that has marched and protested for every possible cause over the past five years, after all!

As the young designer Noémie says, "being disruptive has become the real state of mind of our generation". As for the longevity of the trend, things are constantly changing and with the Heroin Chic Era popping up on social media, Ugly Chic could be replaced very quickly." It's entirely possible, but much like Tristan, co-founder of the emerging online thrift store Tumult Project (which we encourage you to visit if you want to look ugly in meticulously curated vintage pieces), we choose to believe that the trend can last! "Brands like Gucci have been capitalizing on Ugly Chic for decades now, it's fundamentally ingrained in their DNA!" He goes on to say that “upcycling is also part of the trend, especially among the most experienced creatives”, and who better than you to know exactly how to achieve

THE Ugly Chic look of your dreams? Unlimited control and creative space is indeed another key factor in the success of this trend! Unlike other trends, it is not fixed on a specific aesthetic or market and can be adapted to your taste very easily so that you too can jump on the bandwagon without becoming a clone!


17 Novembre  2022 – Par Promostyl

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