...Color Trends Are for Statement Dressers - Marie Claire

...Color Trends Are for Statement Dressers - Marie Claire

Winter's 2022-2023 Color Trends Are for Statement Dressers

Let's run a quick experiment, shall we? How does electric fuchsia make you feel? What about an "ugly" chartreuse? Love them, hate them, winter 2022-2023's color trends want to make you feel something, anything—whether that be a surge in adrenaline, confidence, or even disdain (admittedly, chartreuse isn't everyone's cup of tea). Even the more uncontroversial colors trending for the winter season (opens in new tab)—think crisp khakis and a red the color of a too-sweet cherry lollipop—are done in dramatic and daring silhouettes to yield a more stimulating effect. (You thought beige was dull? Wait until you've seen what a few luxury fashion brands have done with the sandy shade.)

Like all of the leading styles from the Resort 2023 season—including winter's front-running shoes (opens in new tab) and It-bags (opens in new tab)—the leading hues of the season are purposefully engineered to incite a reaction. Keep on scrolling to explore the shades in store for winter, and get a head start by shopping out the soon-to-be-everywhere colors now.

A vibrant chartreuse, which was surprisingly prevalent in Resort 2023 collections, especially from the likes of Fendi, Jonathan Simkhai, and Stella McCartney, is not for the faint of heart. The yellow-green color is striking, eye-catching, and, at times, bordering on garish—making it the ideal shade for those who set out to make a hard-to-miss statement with their style this winter. Maximalist dressers, this one's for you.

Designers dabbled with the confidence-inducing effects of a bright cherry red in their winter drops via '60s mod-inspired mini dresses...

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